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 “Thank you!  You were exactly right.  I found my cat, at 8:00 pm (time), at the next-door neighbor’s (look South), on the wall (look high).  Remarkable work.”     


“Thanks for your help in understanding the cosmic effects on my life.  It is truly comforting to find out that there are reasons to explain my feeling…I look forward to these changes.”  


“Thanks ever so much for your thoughtful guidance!”        


“Having you on my side makes living a lot more fun!”       


“Thank you for shining your extraordinary insight, warmth, power, joy and loving encouragement my way.” 



“You are so alive and interesting.  Thank you for doing my chart – you are very good at what you do.”



“Thank you for the very informative, professional and interesting astrology reading you did for me.  I came out feeling as though my life fell into place – that the picture came together.  It was a fantastic experience in all regards.”



“Thank you for the awesome session we had.  I’m glad to know that I am on the right track!”



“What fun to have my chart done!  I woke this morning thinking of different doors of possibilities opening.” 



To the editor:  “I want you to know how much I enjoy the Astrology column.  My husband and I were both looking forward to her next article, and she didn’t let us down.  Charlotte writes clearly and her style is exciting.  Thanks again.”

Mary Ellen


“Thanks so much for the wonderful reading.  You have a very sweet and joyful personality, and you are blessed with a deep understanding of the human experience.”



“I just wanted to thank you for doing my chart.  You are obviously an expert in your field, and so personable and charming.  I have already referred you to several friends.I love your positive attitude and knowledge.  It helped me a lot.”



During the past two years I have spent many hours searching for you.
In our opinion you are the besting the business.”

Velma and Leroy


“ I’ll be in touch in the new year since I think you are the best astrologer I have ever known!!”



“Thank you, Charlotte, for suggesting I spend some time each day reading spiritual literature during this challenging transit.  I am grateful for your astute insight and wise counsel.” 



“Thank you for helping me to successfully anticipate re-direction of my career interests with specific dates at which decisions would need to be made.”



“I was completely fascinated with the tape; you certainly have both the knowledge and a knack for expression.  Your material is SOLID, useful and will certainly be a help.”



“I had to write you and tell you what peace of mind you gave me.  I came away from our session with a total new outlook.  Instead of the “teary” feeling of leaving, I now have the productive excitement of moving on to another adventure!  Thank you.” 



“I’m eternally grateful!  You put me in motion and out of the trenches – I just love you!”



“I thank you for your astrological wisdom and insight, for taking me on such short notice, and especially for the compassion, love, and support you offer which turns your dedicated service into a gift beyond measure.  I am holding on by a thread here, but your words and encouragement have turned the thread golden, at least.”



“Never doubt the positive influence you have people.  Thank you – you’re very special.”



“You told me they would lower interest rates 10 times in one year – I thought you were crazy – but you were right!”



“God bless you for advising us to sell our stock in the spring – we saved a fortune!”



This is so amazing – you told me that I had a huge refund due from somewhere.  The next day I received a letter stating that they would pay me all that money back!”



“I talked with you 30 years ago – and you told me a lot of stuff that came true throughout my life.  I think I need an update!”


You are the best Western astrologer I have ever met in my life!”


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